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Scott Williams

Scott Williams


Scott was a software developer for 30 years. Then he slipped into a coma and forgot how to code. So now Scott is a stand up comedian and actor.

Scott doesn't always tell the finest jokes but he does tell those jokes only to the finest people. Are you one of those fine people? I think maybe you ARE!

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Upcoming Shows

Lesley Wolff's Fresh Faces
Flappers Comedy Club And Restaurant
Burbank, CA
Sunday June 30th @ 05:00 pm Pacific
8 minute performance
Deez Nutz
The Comedy Store
Hollywood, CA
Friday July 5th @ 07:00 pm Pacific
5 minute performance

Dead Software Projects

kids! don't be a software developer like I was!

Astro Battle Warner Brothers Blu-Ray Maximum Movie Mode Recert5 The Canary Sings


Reach out to Uberscott by emailing him: scott@uberscott.com