Astro Battle – An Online Multiplayer Space Shooter

What is it?

A 2D space shooter where players could build a space ship and then play with it online! Players built ships by snapping several “modules” together… The positioning and weight of the ship modules affected the ships physics when playing online. AND the fun part was that players could fight with other players in an arena to see whos piloting and ship building skill was better!

Enthusiastic Astro Battle fans came from all over the world. By the end of it’s run Astro Battle had 25,000 members and a core base of players that played the game every night.

The game was actually popular, but then I came out with an Astro Battle version 2 which was a flop. I didn’t have enough time to keep Astro Battle 1 alive with my new family but someday maybe this game can make a comeback!


2000 - 2007

What I did

This was my baby from start to finish. I had the idea and I programmed this game from scratch and hired people to create graphic art and assets.