Blu-ray / Sherlock Holmes

Warner Bros. Maximum Movie Mode (MMM) for Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray discs
Warner Bros.
MMM is much like a director's commentary for DVD, except it utilizes lots of Blu-ray technology. While the movie plays, the director can actually walk out in front of the film and give their commentary. Animated factoids about the movie, lower-thirds (speakers' ID tags) and picture-in-picture content are programmed to complement these director walk-ons — giving the viewer some behind-the-scenes info about the movie at least once a minute.
You may be wondering if I worked on Sherlock Holmes 1 or 2? I worked on both. It seemed cheap to headline Sherlock Holmes in my portfolio twice, even though they were legitimate sequels.
I developed the original MMM engine from scratch on a previous project. Configurability was THE exciting advancement in the MMM engine during the Sherlock Holmes era. We were able to hire people to configure XML files that then drove the MMM engine — instead of hiring nasty java programmers to customize it. ...Wait a minute! I'm a java programmer!